Fashion Forecast 2K18


Happy New Year!   Soooooo remember when our elders told us, “this is coming back in style”.  Whelp, they were right (insert evil laugh). After you finish cooking your black eyed peas and washing all the laundry you own, look in the attic for those fanny packs and bomber jackets you swore you would never wear again.  Two thousand eighteen will be all about big obnoxious jewelry, fanny packs, chunky loafers and embellished denim just to name a few. In other words, grab the box in your attic marked “90’s” and have at it!

I am forecasting a total revamp of the 90’s era, with a smidgen of chic.   A few pieces from my fashion forecast are pictured.




I am a wife and mom who loves fashion. My blog (willworkforfashioninc) was born from my knack for always finding a good sale and being able to put together fashionable looks for less.

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