Have Yourself a Very Classy Christmas


Don’t look now but holiday party season is fast approaching (insert long sigh).   Ok, now that you have looked at the calendar to ensure it really is November, start thinking about your fly outfit.   Ever think about NOT wearing the typical red blouse to a holiday party?   I am such a creature of tradition. I had a section of red blouses in my closet for years that I only wore to holiday parties, yes, lame I know.

Retailers make it easy to gravitate toward the typical Christmas blouses and dresses by stashing them all in the front of the stores.   What about the colors that are not easy to find, like burgundy or emerald green.  Still not convinced?   Most times we are moved by what we see so I have put together some looks to help you decide.   Let me know who I convinced to try something different for their holiday party.



I am a wife and mom who loves fashion. My blog (willworkforfashioninc) was born from my knack for always finding a good sale and being able to put together fashionable looks for less.

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