The Old is Out and the New is Now!

Hey Chicks,

Happy New Year! I am so excited about this post today. *doing my happy two step here* Why? It’s because I get to announce so many cool and exciting things that we are going to embark on together in 2017. Here is your Reader’s Digest version:

  • We’ve had a great run with our Proverbs for your Prada blog over the past two years but like most good things, it has come to an end.  #sorrynotsorry But it’s going away only to make room for our new series of blog posts, Unapologetic. Unapologetic is a series of blog posts that will become our platform for authentic and transparent sharing of the valuable lessons that we’ve learned throughout our faith journey.  It’ll be the good, bad and downright ugly. We have been there and done lots of that; but we are unapologetic.  No regrets, just lessons.
  • We will be continuing our monthly small group gathering, Jeans & Beans. But in 2017 we are taking this small group on the road, literally.  In January we will be meeting in West Palm Beach at Danielle Emon Boutique. Each month thereafter we will be gathering in a different location to share the gospel and dive into a morning bible study. Keep checking our calendar to stay in the know.
  • Starting in March 2017, we will be hosting a quarterly oh-so-fabulous picnic style dinner discussion called, The Sunset Supper Club. This is not a bible study but a girls get-together to celebrate sisterhood and enjoy a discussion on today’s “hot topics”. Details of the launch to come soon.
  • Digital Discipleship is live! A disciple is one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrine of another. We are followers of Jesus Christ in a digital age. So we believe that technology is an amazing tool to share the gospel with our spheres of influence in an effort to draw them to Christ. This is a page chock full of great posts designed for digital discipleship. Feel free to shoot us a post that you’d like to see added to the list at
  • Salt-e is our new weekly inspiration by text. Each humpday we will be sending out an inspirational message by text to help give you a little boost to stay focused through your week.  If you haven’t signed up yet, text salte to 24587 to get on the list!
  • Some things just never get old. And sharing the gospel through our L.O.F.T. podcast is one of them. We will continue to share studies but this year you can look for us to increase the frequency.

Whew! That seemed like a lot but honestly there’s a lot more brewing… we are planning some hot ministry collabos this year, gonna read a few books together, host a prayer challenge and take at least one trip out of the area as a group.  We are also hosting some really fun events… starting with a Fashion Auction in February!

Stay tuned because we are about to takeover this region for God the only way we know how… in Faith and Flyness!!!

In His Grace & Goodness,



Charisma Adams is the founder of Faith and Flyness, a women’s ministry on a mission to take over the world for Christ one stiletto at a time. Her ministry and work is targeted toward providing women and young adults with real, radical and relevant ministry. She is the wife of a fly guy of the mother to three future world changers.

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